Natalie goes to the peak with a stranger

Natalie has always found herself a little too plump to be a successful girl. No fitting those TV standards of beauty perfectly, she gave up her tries to look stunning and be the hottest girl in class when she was 17, and focused on studying. A student of a prestigious university, now she has experienced problems in her private life. Not having a boyfriend when she was 15 years old was fine, who needs those clumsy boys, but now she had bad sleep every time a fine-looking young men stared at her at the mall. Still being a virgin at 21 wouldn’t add anything to her self-confidence, and Natalie always felt useless and lagging behind her more experienced friends. Obviously, she didn’t do anything to find a boyfriend, only kept on waiting for some sign, probably. And then she was given one.

With her head full of troubles of the day, she went home after several long hours at the university, and the hunger let her know that it’d be great if she could have a bite of something significant in a café. The thought of a café she’s never been in but always wanted to visit followed her intention. It was an old and stylish place, where only a few regular customers spent their late lazy hours. Chosen from a number of free tables, she ordered double espresso and a good salad with warm beef. As soon as the waiter left her table, she suddenly got nailed to her seat by a heavy and hot stare from someone sitting against her. There were more than just attention and interest in those look; it gave Natalie a hot flush, goosebumps and cold sweat she felt dripping down her back.  The young brunette man didn’t have to say a word, he just offered her a hand, and she stood up on her shaky legs and followed him. Natalie didn’t really know what she’s doing and why she’s doing that, but some strange confidence inside made her put all the doubts aside. She felt very protected and safe with this man, though she saw him for the first time in her life, except maybe some of her sweetest and most secret wet dreams.

He didn’t ask anything, he didn’t talk at all. Taking her down the street, giving her a vertigo and excitement, he hold her hand firmly, and she couldn’t resist his authoritative intention to take her somewhere. Natalie was ready to give herself to him right there, on the street, because she hardly even noticed the world around her. All she could think about was heavy pulsing in the bottom of her stomach, and the reliable warmth and strength of his palm. When she could breathe out for the first time, she found herself in large, spacious and bright apartments, standing barefoot on an old and chick oak parquet. Then the man scorched her defenseless neck with a kiss. It literally burned a print on her silky skin; it was so deeply passionate, that she fainted for a second or two. No things she imagined and questioned before were important here. She couldn’t think about how she looks without clothes in front of this perfectly built, fit and gracious male. All that Natalie could do is to give herself completely to that demanding, imperious and dear stranger.

Her body was ready for it, but the young man was temptingly deliberate. He made her lose control and scream quietly, when his lips went down her breasts, belly, pelvis and hips, and then raised up to her most sacred and sensitive spot. She couldn’t help moaning when his fingers entered her wet, soaked hole. He was definitely satisfying his own passion and lust, but Natalie couldn’t desire anything better for herself. She was melting in his hands like snow; her juice dripped onto the floor and leaked down his hands, and his tongue. She came for the first time before she could understand it’s coming. The guy remained serious, just something burned in the bottom of his dark, dark eyes. Then, he turned her around and clung to her malleable body from behind, so Natalie felt his strong big penis between her legs, rubbing against her wet pussy lips. He penetrated her slowly, powerfully and irresistibly.

The next day Natalie spent in bed, reported herself ill. She didn’t answer the phone calls, didn’t turn on PC, and hardly forced herself to eat. She was recalling the day before repeatedly, and those memories granted her several more peaks of pleasure.